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Video games are one of the most popular leisure activities, especially for younger people, but if you find you're unable to stop, you could have a video game addiction. When you're neglecting your studies, work, and health because of your compulsion to play video games, clinical psychologist Ilisa Kaufman, PsyD, of Compulsion Control in Miami, Florida, can help, using her RIP-R program. Dr. Kaufman's unique approach uses innovative techniques to enhance your recovery from video game addiction and broaden your horizons. Find out more or schedule a consultation by calling Compulsion Control, or book an appointment online today.

Video Game Addiction Q & A

What is video game addiction?

Video game addiction or gaming disorder is a condition where you’re unable to reduce the time you spend playing computer games.

Video game addicts can spend most of the day and night playing, neglecting their families, studies, or work. They might also have a poor diet, living on fast food and soda if they remember to eat and drink, not getting enough sleep, and taking little care of personal hygiene.

The obsession with playing video games is only now getting recognition as a genuine mental health disorder. While video game addiction doesn't have the same close association with physical and psychological harm as alcohol or recreational drugs, there's no doubt that people hooked on gaming face considerable challenges.

When does playing video games become an addiction?

Millions of people play video games without developing an addiction. Gaming can help you unwind, and many people find playing games to be a highly enjoyable experience.

Having a long or intense gaming session now and then or a passionate interest in gaming doesn't mean you have a problem. Video game addiction develops if your enthusiasm turns into an obsession, where everything in your life focuses on when you can play.

To a problem gamer, the real world becomes increasingly less important than the world inside their screen. Eventually, all of their time and energy go into gaming.

What treatments are available for video game addiction?

Exposure response prevention (ERP) therapy can help you learn to control the time you spend gaming. It teaches you that you can limit yourself to an hour or two each day instead of feeling compelled to play continually.

You might also benefit from engaging in talk therapies to address the underlying causes for your video game addiction, such as social anxiety disorder or depression.

How does RIP-R help with video game addiction?

Dr. Kaufman's innovative approach to treating video game addiction uses ERP elements and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). The RIP-R program takes advantage of Dr. Kaufman's expertise and experience in dealing with problems like OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), which share many similarities with video game addiction.

RIP-R begins by finding your personal rock-bottom — when you can go no lower in your despair. From here, RIP-R teaches you to harness the motivation you have inside you to progress beyond your compulsion to play video games all the time.

Dr. Kaufman guides you through RIP-R at a pace that suits you, ascending from rock-bottom to freedom from your addiction.

To find out more about RIP-R and how Dr. Kaufman can help you take control of your video game addiction, call Compulsion Control today or book an appointment online.