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Sex forms a normal and, for most people, a vital part of life, but when you can think of little else but your next sexual experience, you might be suffering from sex addiction. When sex stops being fun and starts damaging your life, clinical psychologist Ilisa Kaufman, PsyD, of Compulsion Control in Miami, Florida, can help by using her RIP-R program. Dr. Kaufman's unique approach uses groundbreaking techniques to reduce your reliance on sex and find ways to enjoy a healthy sex life. Find out more by calling Compulsion Control or book an appointment online today.

Sex Addiction Q & A

What is sex addiction?

Sex addiction is often poorly understood, but it can have devastating consequences. Rather than being a pleasurable and rewarding part of life, sex becomes a compulsion that you must pursue at any cost, regardless of the consequences.

While the behavior is unfulfilling emotionally, sex addicts keep looking for the next experience, just like a drug addict craves their next fix. The pursuit of sex takes over your life, leaving you feeling angry and ashamed and affecting your work and relationships.

Many people with a sex addiction use prostitutes and engage in other risky behaviors. These activities increase your risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), which could have a significant impact on your physical health.

If you can't find someone to have sex with, you're likely to masturbate frequently and/or use phone sex services to satisfy your urges. Because pornography has become so easily accessible online, it can often be a fundamental part of your problem — or as a separate pornography addiction in its own right.

Why would I develop a sex addiction?

Several theories could explain why people develop a sex addiction. One is that it's a compulsion that arises when you have a condition like OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). It's also possible that sex addiction has its roots in earlier traumas, such as suffering abuse as a child.

Hypersexuality can sometimes be a symptom of conditions like bipolar disorder (during the manic phase) and some neurological diseases.

What treatments can help with sex addiction?

The type of treatment you might need for sex addiction could depend on the cause. For example, psychotherapy may be necessary if your sex addiction relates to childhood abuse. Neurological disorders that are causing hypersexuality could benefit from medication in some cases.

If your sex addiction develops as a form of OCD, exposure response prevention (ERP) may be useful. This type of therapy helps to desensitize you to your compulsion triggers by gradually increasing your exposure.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) can also be helpful, as it takes a practical approach to showing you why your thoughts or obsessions are a result of faulty thinking.

How does RIP-R help with sex addiction?

Dr. Kaufman's RIP-R program combines some of the principles of both ERT and CBT. It also adds elements that she found were missing to form a more rounded approach to treating problems like sex addiction.

One of the keys to RIP-R is recognizing that motivation plays a vital role in overcoming addictions and compulsions. Without motivation, the techniques involved in ERP could encourage rather than reduce your sex addiction.

In Dr. Kaufman's RIP-R program, you can exchange your addiction to sex or porn for improved control that enables you to pursue more worthwhile goals.

To find out more about RIP-R and how Dr. Kaufman can help you recover from your sex addiction, call Compulsion Control today or book an appointment online.