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About Ilisa Kaufman, Psy.D

Ilisa Kaufman, Psy.D

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Specialist located in Miami, FL

Compulsion Control in Miami, Florida, is a highly specialized practice that has a mission to help people affected by addictions and compulsions. 

Clinical psychologist, Ilisa Kaufman, PsyD, has developed a unique treatment program, (RIP-R) that can help patients even when other well-known approaches like Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) fail to free them from compulsive and addictive behaviors.

Dr. Kaufman was inspired to create RIP-R after her own experiences with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Despite undergoing ERP and recognizing its considerable benefits, she found the treatment didn't address her struggles with OCD adequately. 

Realizing there must be many people facing similar battles with OCD, Dr. Kaufman used her expertise in psychology, combined with her experience as a patient to produce a new program. Her work in creating RIP-R was instrumental in her own path to recovery, and she aims to use her program to help others share in her success.

RIP-R, which stands for Rock-Bottom, Interruption, Practice, and Replacement, consists of identifying a patient's motivational threshold — their rock-bottom — and then working on interrupting the chain of behaviors that led them to this place. 

The next phase is practice — repeating the techniques learned to achieve familiarity and competence, providing the foundation for managing the unwanted thoughts and behaviors. 

Finally, patients reach the replacement phase, where they're able to use the time and energy they regain from mastering their behaviors to participate in rewarding and beneficial activities.

Patients learn to break the grip of their addiction or compulsion by working through these stages with their RIP-R guide, using the unique techniques she designed for the RIP-R program. 

These include 10 innovative cognitive manipulators — “tricks” in thinking that form the basis of the interruption and practice phases. Patients overwhelmed by conditions like OCD and problems like hair pulling, skin picking, binge eating or gambling, and addictions to such things as video games, sex, and pornography can all benefit from the RIP-R method.

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